Evandro Sasse

full-stack developer.

Leading development squads to fast deliveries with real value.




Brazil, Florianópolis (UTC-3)

+55 48 99155-3535


Professional Experience

  • Product Engineer

    Railsware- Poland, Krakow (Remote) | June/2020 - April/2021

    Remote work with React, Rails, and AWS infrastructure. Supporting the internet connection of ships all over the globe. Touching Kubernetes, Terraform, CloudFormation, Lambda, SQS, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch...

    Rails, React and Product; improving a Google Sheets add-on to create no-code solutions.

  • Senior Software Engineer

    Küdos- United States, New York (Remote) | April/2020 - June/2020

    Remote work preparing platform MVP. Integrating to digital wallets and american bank accounts.

    Constructing groundwork for feature testing. Helping establish usage of a design system across the entire project.

  • Lead Software Engineer

    Zygo- Brazil, Florianópolis | April/2019 - March/2020

    Reaching deep into Product, to better solve pain points of the customers. Leading squads to fast deliveries using Agile/Kanban. Coordinating releases with Product, Sales and Customer Success.

    Working close to the SRE to halve average latencies of requests, and start migrating infrastructure to Docker+Kubernetes. Responsible for the groundwork of new services. Refactoring Ruby on Rails monolith into Python Serverless microservices.

  • Full Stack Engineer

    Zygo- Brazil, Florianópolis | January/2018 - March/2019

    Supporting 1,500 daily concurrent users on a Python desktop application.

    Reaching 1,000,000 MAU on a Ruby on Rails web application. Scaling our infrastructure of sending emails and SMS, to send marketing campaigns to the whole of Brazil in a couple hours. Remaking the entirety of our web frontend stack to use modern Webpack(er) with Rails.

  • Software Engineering Intern

    Zygo- Brazil, Florianópolis | November/2016 - December/2017

    Developing Ruby on Rails backends for Android and iOS apps. Working on frontend and backend for two Ruby on Rails apps.

    Creating an Electron and a Python(PyQt) desktop apps, and their respective backends; getting much more reliable data from the customers, delivering value much faster.

  • Computer Science Scholarship

    UFSC - PET Computação- Brazil, Florianópolis | March/2014 - June/2015

    Coordinating lectures and workshops for the university yearly Computer Science forum. Organizing extra-curricular classes on programming subjects.

    Working with university professors to help them to prepare classes and studies. Helping other students to prepare for tests.

Academic Education


  • Ruby / Rails - Advanced
  • Javascript / jQuery / React - Advanced
  • HTML / CSS - Advanced
  • SQL - Advanced
  • Git - Advanced
  • Typescript / NextJS / GraphQL - Intermediary
  • Python / PyQt / Serverless - Intermediary
  • AWS - Intermediary


  • Portuguese - Native
  • English - Fluent
  • Japanese - Basic

Other Interests

  • Elixir, TypeScript, React Native, Electron, Rust
  • Serverless, Docker, DevOps
  • UX, Product Management
  • Remote work, Calm Tech, entrepreneurship
  • Podcasts, coffee, long walks